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Step 1 - I have a desktop computer.

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Step 2 - I have a CRT TV.

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Step 3 - I want to use the DVI output.

We have a solution for you.


Use a DVI to VGA cable and a VGA to S-Video converter.

If your CRT TV has a S-Video input then this is your solution. First you need a DVI to VGA cable.

DVI to VGA cable
While you can also use a DVI to VGA adapter and then use a VGA to VGA cable, the DVI to VGA cable makes for a simpler solution.

Next you need to get a VGA to S-Video converter box. It converts the computer's video signal into a TV signal.

S-Video Cable
Be sure to look for a converter box not an adapter cable, they are very different.

To connect your laptop to the converter box you need a VGA cable.

VGA cable 

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To connect the converter box to your TV you need a S-Video cable.

S-Video cable
To play the audio from your computer through your CRT TV you will need a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

The 3.5mm plug will connect to the speaker out of your computer. The red and white RCA plugs will connect to the right, left channel inputs next to the S-Video input you used on your TV.

Step 4 - Configure this solution