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Step 1 - I have an iPhone

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Step 2 - I have a HD TV.

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Step 3 - I want to use the VGA input. 

We have a solution for you.

Use an Apple VGA Adapter

The Apple VGA Adapter will only send a video signal to your HD TV.

If you have an iPhone 5 you will need to use an Apple Lightning VGA adapter.

For the iPhone 4s, 4, 3GS and 3 you must use the Apple Dock Connector to VGA Adapter

With these adapters you will be able to mirror the iPhone 5 or 4S display as well as stream movies, videos, slideshows, play music or surf the web and see it on your HD TV.

If you have the iPhone 3GS or 4 you will still be able to stream movies, videos, slideshows and apps that support video out to your TV. 

You will also need a VGA cable to connect the Apple iPhone VGA Adapter to the VGA input on your TV.

HDMI Cable
Connect the cable to the iPhone to VGA Adapter and your TV's VGA or RGB input. VGA cables come in various lengths so select one that will easily reach from your iPhone to the TV.

To play audio from the iPhone through the TV use a 3.5mm stereo cable. Plug it into your iPhone's audio out and into the PC audio in next to the VGA or RGB input on the HD TV.


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