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Step 1 - I have a laptop computer.

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Step 2 - I have a HD TV.

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Step 3 - I want to use the S-Video output.

We have two solutions for you.


Solution #1. - One cable that hooks up to any TV.

The simplest way to hook up your laptop computer to your HD TV using S-Video output is a single cable that will send both video and audio.

PC S-Video to RCA

One end of this cable plugs into the S-Video output and speaker out on your computer. The other end plugs into one of the RCA video and audio inputs on your HD TV.


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Solution #2 - Seperate video and audio cables.

You can also get the cables individually. If you have a S-Video input on on your HD TV you can get a S-Video to S-Video cable like this.

S-Video Cable
S-Video cables come in various lengths from 6 feet up to 50 feet.


3.5mm to RCA Cable
To play the audio from your laptop through your HD TV you will need a 3.5mm to RCA audio cable the same length as your S-Video cable.

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