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Step 1 - I have a desktop computer.

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Step 2 - I have a CRT TV.

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Step 3 - I want to use the VGA output. 

We have a solution for you.

Use a VGA to S-Video converter.

If your CRT TV has a S-Video input then you can use one of these converter boxes. They will take the VGA output of your computer and convert it to a TV signal that can connect through a S-Video cable to your CRT TV.
VGA to S-Video Converter
Be sure to look for a converter box not an adapter cable, they are very different.

To connect your computer to the converter box you need a VGA cable.

VGA cable
To connect the converter box to your TV you need a S-Video cable. 
S-Video cable
To play the audio from your computer through your CRT TV you will need a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

3.5mm to RCA Cable

Step 4 - Configure this solution