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Step 1 - I have an iPhone

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Step 2 - I have a CRT TV.

Step 3. What type of video input does your TV have?

Look at the back or sides of your CRT TV to see what video inputs are available. CRT TVs typically have composite video and component video inputs.
Unfortunately there are currently no cables that would allow you to use an iPhone with a Lightning connector with a CRT TV. But we do have solutions for the Iphone 4S, 4 and 3GS.

Below are pictures of the two most common video inputs found on CRT TVs. Select the one you have or want to use.

Composite Video Input. Separate video and audio plugs. For the technical details follow this link to Wikipedia.

Composite video has a seperate yellow RCA plug for video and one or two audio RCA plugs, white and red.

Composite video input is an easy way to connect an iPad to a CRT TV.

Composite Input

I have Composite Video Input

Component Video Input. Multiple video signals and seperate audio. Read all about it here.

Component video input will have three video RCA plugs, gree, blue and red. The audio uses two RCA plugs, white and red.

Many but not all CRT TVs will have component video inputs.

VGA Output

I have Component Video Input